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Wellbeing programme: Healthy Hybrid Habits

Get your staff members ready for hybrid working with Healthy Hybrid Habits. With this course, you'll help your colleagues develop healthy habits and successfully navigate the hybrid working patterns (at the office and online) for the long term.

  • This course covers all aspects of the new hybrid way of working in five workshops.
  • It can be delivered online or in-person, whichever best fits your business needs.
  • Your staff members will feel supported in their transition to this new way of working. They'll be happier and more productive in their work.
  • They'll develop new skills required for the different dimensions of hybrid working: authenticity, concentration, productivity, etc.
  • The AG Health Partner will team take care of all the details, from activation to implementation to communication and more.


The need to offer online trainings and learning opportunities to your employees is a must. By taking care of the tool, the hosting and the content, we take the worries and workload off your shoulders.

  • Various topics available: connection, focus, mental resilience, remote working, healthy eating habits, exercise, ...
  • Presentations are always made by recognized Belgian experts (ENG, NL & FR)
  • The sessions take place live, but the recordings are available afterwards
  • Interaction guaranteed thanks to integrated polls, chat and Q&A functionality
  • Trajectories available for both employees and people managers
  • Trajectories tailored to your company - optimally adapted to your needs - can also be offered

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Screenings & e-learnings

Screenings & e-learnings

Based on a short series of questions, our scientifically founded self-screenings enable your employees to map out their own level of wellbeing.

  • wellbeing programmes
  • Individual psychological support
  • Anonymised reports available to the company
  • Ability to push these screenings on a regular basis 
  • Employees receive a personal trajectory with relevant modules based on their personal result


Wellbeing programme: A Mental Start To Run

The ‘A Mental Start To Run’ programme deals with mental resilience and personal development through scientifically proven mindfulness techniques.
This training enables your employees to slow down and allow their mind to settle. By doing this, they discover how their thoughts and emotions work and learn how to better cope with daily challenges and stress.


Wellbeing programme: Get Energised

The ‘Get Energised’ programme focuses on physical wellbeing.

Your employees learn how to create and, above all, maintain balanced habits. In addition to adequate exercise, physical health also covers healthy nutrition and quality resting time. A coach analyses the body composition and overall physical fitness of each employee. This helps provide tailor-made support to reach the personal goals of the participants. Group challenges ensure everyone remains motivated throughout the programme. Nothing is left to chance!

Each session has been designed in such a way that it is accessible to anyone.


Wellbeing programme: Master Your Brain

The ‘Master Your Brain’ programme helps employees deal with stressful moments and use these to achieve personal growth.
Your employees will know everything about how their brain works and how they can control it better. They also learn more about stress in general, and how to deal with it more effectively in both their professional and private lives. The result? More resilience, more energy and 10 times more wellbeing!


Wellbeing programme: Time To Walk Your Talk

The ‘Time To Walk Your Talk’ programme tackles social wellbeing, by focusing on nonviolent and connecting communication.
Thanks to nonviolent communication techniques, your employees will build lasting relationships with their colleagues, managers and clients, which contributes to their global wellbeing. Over the course of a few months, they become familiar with concepts such as objective observation, empathic listening, expressing gratitude and much more.


Wellbeing programme: Me To the Next Level

The ‘Me To the Next Level’ programme enables your employees to get to know themselves on a deeper level.

By working on self-confidence and spotting what gives them energy, your colleagues are encouraged to take matters into their own hands and adjust their job so that it matches their talents and values even more.


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