Audit & strategy

Analysis of your staff members' wellbeing needs

It all starts with a carefully crafted strategy. As a first step, your Wellbeing Manager will take a closer look at your wellbeing vision, your risks and your needs. For example, by going through your HR data and analytics on absenteeism, employee turnover and satisfaction scores. With our 360° wellbeing audit (My WellRi) and insights from our focus groups, you'll get a clear picture of where you currently stand and identify unmet employee needs.  

Your Wellbeing Manager will then work with you to flesh out a custom-designed strategy. By the end of the process, you'll have an action plan that reflects the priorities you've set and provides you with a clear path to success.

Scan & assess
Job Senior Corporate Wellbeing Consultant

Wellbeing Lab

We'll analyse your in-house HR data and interview key stakeholders to get a snapshot of your current situation. We'll then use this information to help you and your management team design your wellbeing strategy. The outcome? A report with a detailed vision for wellbeing and an action plan that you can immediately put to work.

Focus groups

Focus groups

What are your staff members' top priorities for health and wellbeing? How do they feel about the current wellbeing initiatives on offer? Focus groups are qualitative group interviews with a representative sample of your staff members. They give us insight into their current needs and generate ideas on how to enhance wellbeing at your company.

Quantitative psychosocial analysis

My WellRi

My WellRi is a scientifically-based and quantitative assessment of your staff members' workplace and general wellbeing. The findings from this 360° wellbeing audit will set the groundwork for your wellbeing policy.

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