How do we ensure maximum participation?

Integrated online and offline communication

My Health Partner handles all of your communication for you. With online and offline activation campaigns, we get maximum buy-in and engagement across the entire organisation.

Online & offline communication
Recurring communication and newsletters

Recurring communication

Monthly newsletters will keep your employees up to date on the latest developments and new initiatives. A different topic will be covered each time, with special focus on the relevant self-assessment tests, challenges, workshops and inspiring content. As an employer, you’ll have the option to highlight certain wellbeing issues that are important to you.

Offline communication

Offline is just as important

Not everyone is a digital native or has access to digital tools, especially if you're in the manufacturing business and are addressing assembly line workers. Through nudging techniques and a wide range of offline tools (posters, wall stickers, meeting dice, etc.), we help boost engagement.

My Health Partner App

Also via the App

Thanks to the App, employees always have My Health Partner in their pocket. This is how we make it an even more pleasant experience, amongst others thanks to push notifications.

Internal communication support

Support for internal communication

  • As internal communication is so critical to keeping participants consistently engaged in wellbeing initiatives, you'll also get support from your Wellbeing Manager along with our specialised communication team.
  • We'll set up a centralised and structured communication plan for all of your staff members. Your Wellbeing Manager will use it as a framework to launch new initiatives with you.

More info about our online and offline communication?