You're an HR Director

It's your job to define the organisation's overarching vision for wellbeing.  Based on the strategic priorities, you come up with an action plan. Once the initiatives have been launched, you and your team serve as the bridge between the employees' lived experience and high-level decision-making.

HR Director

Do the challenges below sound familiar to you?


Comprehensive strategy and roll out

You need to make employee wellbeing the backbone of your company culture. It doesn't have to be a Herculean task. Your Wellbeing Manager will guide you every step of the way.


Attract and retain talent

How do you position your organisation as an attractive employer on the job market? And get both recruitment and retention right? One of the key ingredients is your wellbeing policy.


Measure your true ROI

How do you know if the wellbeing policy on offer is actually working? With our dashboards and analytics, of course. We’ll give you the hard facts and take the guesswork out of wellbeing.


Juggle communication and administration tasks

A wellbeing policy involves quite a bit of communication and administration. Fortunately, we're happy to take that off your hands so you can focus on what matters most!


Push ownership and active engagement

While getting employers on board is vital in creating a happier work environment, it's also up to employees to take responsibility for their own sense of wellbeing. We equip them to own their role in the process and demonstrate that wellbeing is a collaborative effort.


Choice of service provider

The market is full of so-called experts in the various dimensions of wellbeing. We save you time and energy by working only with carefully vetted experts.

Make the most of Wellbeing as a Service at your organisation