You're a Prevention Advisor

You're one of the key figures when it comes to protecting health, safety and welfare in the workplace. You analyse the risks, make recommendations and put preventive measures in place. All to reduce the risk of psychosocial and physical health hazards at work.

you are a prevention advisor

Do the challenges below sound familiar to you?

visual modelling

Gain insight into the factors, causes, and processes driving employee wellbeing

To identify trends and patterns, you'll need both qualitative and quantitative data. It's the only way to see the bigger wellbeing picture and make informed decisions going forward.


Conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys

What techniques can you use to ask the right questions? We provide you with scientifically proven tools.


Get the word out to inspire and engage your employees

Good communication is essential, especially in the area of workplace wellbeing. Together we'll design a step-by-step plan to make sure all of your employees are aware of the policy.

Make the most of Wellbeing as a Service at your organisation