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In this hyper-connected age, Wellbeing as a Service (WaaS) is the sweet spot between tech and  the human touch. A plug & play solution for workplace wellbeing, My Health Partner is available to your staff members 24/7.

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A video says more than a thousand words

Why My Health Partner?

A revolution in workplace wellbeing
wellbeing digital platform

Your one-stop shop

Via the My Health Partner digital solution, you can help your employees march towards a healthier lifestyle by keeping them informed and motivated. With e-learning modules, online workshops, videos, self-evaluation tests and gamification, My Health Partner addresses the different aspects of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Working from home, mental resilience, sleep habits and connecting communication are just some of the areas we address. All in one single place, accessible from a desktop or smartphone!

online and offline communication support

Based on the proven concept of stepped care

My Health Partner applies the principles of stepped care. Because each individual experience is driven by personal health and wellbeing needs, the information we provide is unique to each individual journey. Our self-evaluation tests allow your employees to map out their risks. After all, not everyone needs group sessions or webinars: personal guidance is sometimes crucial. The results of this approach? A highly personal, empowering and change-enabling experience based on current and individual needs. And that makes your wellbeing policy so much more cost-effective.

Online & offline communication

Dynamic combination of online and offline activities

What's the point of having wellbeing initiatives if no one knows about them? My Health Partner handles all the communication for you. With online and offline activation campaigns, we turn your wellbeing policy into a dynamic process. It's how we inspire and engage your staff members to make small, achievable changes in their regular routine.


Employer branding

Impactful employer branding

On My Health Partner, you'll get a company page with a look and feel that matches your own branding. A great way to put the spotlight on your wellbeing vision and initiatives! You'll be showing how much more there is to your policy than just a few isolated initiatives. At the same time, it's also advertising for your internal and external wellbeing ambassadors (HR managers, trust persons, prevention advisor, etc.).

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