Making employees shine, together

Working together for wellbeing

Engaging in employee wellbeing has become a must for future-proof HR policies.

AG Health Partner helps you keep your employees happy and healthy at work:

  • With our unique digital platform, your employees choose the approach that works best for them. This lets them take matters into their own hands and improve their wellbeing;
  • Thanks to our holistic approach, we address the physical, mental and social aspects of wellbeing. To that end, we work together with renowned Belgian specialists;
  • We prepare a global action plan together with you. Then we help you implement it through activation and communication campaigns, as well as thorough reporting.

Your wellbeing journey



Analysis of your needs and set up of an action plan


Selection and implementation of the chosen wellbeing programmes


Activation and participation of your employees via our digital platform My Health Partner

Why invest
in the wellbeing of your employees?

Attracting and retaining the right people, managing long-term absences due to mental illness, maintaining your company’s productivity level: as an employer, you face many challenges.

Every employee also expects his employer to take his or her physical and mental wellbeing into account. Given the continuing rise of stress-related conditions such as burnout, these expectations are bound to increase. Wellbeing is taking on a key role in every HR policy. 

Cost of a sick employee >1,000€/day
426,000 Belgians are on sick leave during over 1 year
Beaucoup de Belges ont du mal ont des difficultés pour gérer leur stress au travail
34% have difficulties managing work stress
Affections liées au stress
⅓ of long-term absences are due to stress-related conditions
Nos expertises dans le domaine du bien-être en entreprise

Want to define your corporate wellbeing approach together?