Making employees shine, together

Working together for wellbeing

You wish to implement a future-proof HR policy? Engaging in employee wellbeing has become a must. AG Health Partner helps you keep your employees happy and healthy at work:

  • With our digital wellbeing platform My Health Partner, your employees choose themselves what their wellbeing journey will look like. By means of screenings, they get access to customised programmes within the range you have made available;
  • Wellbeing encompasses various aspects. We strive to approach this in a holistic way and call upon Belgian experts in the field of mental, physical and social wellbeing;
  • Together with you, we draw up a vision and action plan. We not only guide you in the composition of your offer, but we also support you in rolling it out, communicating and following up on your wellbeing actions.  


Your wellbeing journey


Scan & assess

Analysis of your needs and set up of an action plan
  • To analyse your company’s current wellbeing situation, we examine existing HR data and analytics (e.g. absenteeism, turn-over, satisfaction & engagement scores) and map out the wellbeing and needs of your employees via an analysis of the psychosocial wellbeing (My WellRi) and/or discussion groups.
  • Next step? In a Wellbeing Lab, we present a clear view on the current level of wellbeing and initiatives by means of a SWOT. We complement this with inspiring examples from other companies and then work with you to define your vision and priorities regarding wellbeing.
  • We conclude by providing you with a clear report that reflects the main points of attention, priorities and action plan.


Selection and implementation of the chosen wellbeing initiatives
  • Do you already know the needs of your employees? Are your wellbeing objectives defined? Then now is the time to get to work and select and implement the right wellbeing initiatives.
  • Every company, but also every employee can have different needs. That's why our catalogue contains all kinds of initiatives that you can implement: wellbeing programmes, webinars, e-learnings, screenings, ...
  • For the elaboration of our initiatives, we rely exclusively on recognized Belgian experts in the field of mental, social & physical wellbeing.

Activate & promote

Make it easy for yourself and choose the My Health Partner platform
  • Our unique digital platform, My Health Partner, encourages employees to take control and choose how to improve their wellbeing. 

  • In addition to a personalised trajectory, composed from the offer you make available, My Health Partner allows them to take part in challenges, browse through our library, test themselves, go through e-learnings and much more.

  • We also set up online and offline communication campaigns for you. These ensure that wellbeing is continuously brought to the attention and increase the participation rate, and therefore the engagement.

Why invest
in the wellbeing of your employees?

Attracting and retaining the right people, managing long-term absences due to mental illness, maintaining your company’s productivity level: as an employer, you face many challenges.

Every employee also expects his employer to take his or her physical and mental wellbeing into account. Given the continuing rise of stress-related conditions such as burnout, these expectations are bound to increase. Wellbeing is taking on a key role in every HR policy. 

Cost of a sick employee >1,000€/day
426,000 Belgians are on sick leave during over 1 year
Beaucoup de Belges ont du mal ont des difficultés pour gérer leur stress au travail
34% have difficulties managing work stress
Affections liées au stress
⅓ of long-term absences are due to stress-related conditions
Nos expertises dans le domaine du bien-être en entreprise

Want to define your corporate wellbeing approach together?