In-depth reporting

The key to the success of Wellbeing as a Service (WaaS)? Measuring, evaluating and adjusting. Armed with statistics on engagement, participation and satisfaction, your Wellbeing Manager can monitor success and drive change. Regular analytics and reporting assure you the best ROI.

Wellbeing manager and HR Director looking at dashboard

A video says more than a thousand words

Why driven by data?

Your KPIs for employee wellbeing


It's time to take the guesswork out of wellbeing. Knowledge is power, which is why regular reporting and analytics are an important part of your wellbeing policy. This allows you to measure the true ROI of each initiative. Information that will be very useful at meetings with your company's top management.

Individual follow-up

Personalised and individually tailored

Based on their answers to short questionnaires, staff members will get insights into their wellbeing and a custom-designed offer to address their pain points and risks. As an employer, the consolidated data will give you a helicopter view of the general level of wellbeing at your company.

Dashboards and visualisation

Dashboards and data visualisation

Data is a goldmine, but only if you can easily see and understand the trends and patterns. Fortunately, your Wellbeing Manager masters the secret art of turning data into visual graphics.  Our user-friendly and detailed dashboards make it easy for you to track your progress. So you can draw informed conclusions and take the right steps for the future.

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