For your employees

Several studies reveal alarming statistics about the physical, mental and social wellbeing of employees in Belgium. The speed of digital transformation, work-life balance issues and an ever-increasing workload also contribute to the situation. And this doesn't even include the rise of the hybrid work model.

Average age

Physically, we are 6.1 years older than our real age

Belgians are overweight

55% of employees in Belgium are overweight and 21% suffer from obesity


We spend more than 8 hours a day sitting down

Belgians don't eat enough vegetables

Only 1 out of 3 people eat fruit or vegetables every day

Belgian absenteism

25% of employees rate it highly likely that they will be unable to work for more than one month in the coming three years due to stress.1 out of 5 staff members do not feel good at work

Belgians are not happy at work

1 out of 5 staff members do not feel good at work

webinar pour HR manager et conseiller en prévention: comment assurer le bien-être des employés après le COVID-19

Your staff members expect you to become a caring employer

The younger generations hitting the labour market expect their employers to take their wellbeing into account. It goes without saying that wellbeing is a key competitive advantage for organisations, now and in the future.

Make the most of Wellbeing as a Service at your organisation