White paper: Causes, Costs and How to Prevent Absenteeism


Long-term absenteeism has an enormous impact on the functioning and continuity of organisations. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Frederik Anseel and Cédric Velghe, The VIGOR Unit carried out an in-depth study of the scientific literature on absenteeism in 2020. The conclusions are then compared with the practical experience of 1,000 Belgian employees, thanks to a survey conducted by IPSOS on behalf of AG Health Partner and AG Employee Benefits.

This white paper presents the results of the cross-analysis of these studies. In addition, you will leave with clear recommendations that can be applied immediately within your organisation.


What answers will you find in this white paper?

  • What is absenteeism and what are its different forms?
  • What are the causes of long-term absenteeism?
  • What is the cost of long-term absenteeism for employers and what are the different ways of calculating it? 
  • What is the impact of long-term absenteeism on colleagues who continue to work?
  • What is a 'caring' employer and why is it important to be seen as such by your employees?


Discover our case studies

  • The importance of preventive measures: Covid-19 and the importance of wellbeing, also for managers
  • The importance of curative measures: how to promote a sustainable return to work after a prolonged absence?


White paper about cost of absenteeism