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We help organisations empower their staff and other stakeholders to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. With a long-term impact on happiness at work and in life in general.

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Holistic approach

We manage your wellbeing strategy from A to Z, from crafting the vision to turning it into action and getting the word out. For best results, we tap into the collective wisdom of recognised experts in mental, physical and social wellbeing.

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Scientifically proven

Caring for your people can be incredibly complex. To make sure we cover all the bases, we continuously invest in scientific research. A surefire way to boost employee wellbeing and engagement.



Wellbeing as a Service (WaaS) is all about providing the right mix of physical and digital solutions. That’s how we add a new dimension to the employee experience of tomorrow.

Discover how WaaS answers your employee wellbeing needs

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Experience the benefits of WaaS with "werkbaarheidcheque" vouchers

With the Flemish "werkbaarheidscheque" voucher scheme, you'll get financial aid to help you identify and improve wellbeing outcomes in the workplace. Through this scheme, the Flemish Government will subsidise up to 60% of your project, up to a maximum of €10,000. An important prerequisite is that the services have to be delivered by a licensed registered service provider such as Health Partner.