Rollout and Participation

Maximum participation and engagement

The success of your rollout hinges on offering the right wellbeing initiatives. Specifically, we offer a range of options: programmes, online workshops, e-learning modules, self-assessment tests and more. As two heads are better than one, we work with leading practitioners in mental, social and physical wellbeing. Your Wellbeing Manager will help you make your selection and work with you to put together a custom-designed programme.

Your staff members will find the shortlist of tools in My Health Partner, the digital component of our WaaS offer. We combine this solution with online and offline activation campaigns. The end result? Maximum employee participation and engagement. And of course, your Wellbeing Manager will stay plugged in to find out how things are going! After checking your live data (screening test results, participation rates, satisfaction scores, etc.), we'll adjust where necessary to create a thriving culture of wellbeing at your organisation.

Investir dans le bien-être des employés

My Health Partner

your one-stop shop for wellbeing

We've created a one-stop shop for your wellbeing vision and initiatives in one single place: My Health Partner! This solution is available in both a desktop and a mobile version.  This way, your staff members will see what you do to keep them happy and healthy. And with our real-time dashboards and analytics, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your efforts.   

Online & offline communication

How do we ensure maximum participation?

Integrated online and offline communication

My Health Partner handles all your communication for you. With online and offline activation campaigns, we get maximum buy-in and engagement across the entire organisation.


Online workshops

With the exponential growth of the hybrid work model, online training modules and learning opportunities for self-care have become more essential than ever. From registration to hosting and content, we cover all the bases so you don't have to.

Screenings & e-learnings

Self-assessment tests & e-learning modules

Via our scientifically-based self-assessment tests, your staff members can fill out a short questionnaire to evaluate their own level of wellbeing. Based on the results, e-learning modules will be offered to help them work on their identified areas for improvement... and have fun at the same time.



Adopting new, healthier habits doesn't happen by itself. Sometimes your staff members need a push in the right direction. Participating in challenges and competing against co-workers, alone or as a part of team, can be a fun and easy way to start making positive behavioural change.

Programmes that enhance physical, social and mental wellbeing

Your staff members will have the opportunity to focus on a specific dimension of wellbeing. This can be done individually or in groups, and in a variety of ways: regular contact with our coaches, joining a community, participating in specific challenges and workshops, and assessment tests to measure their progress. Each programme is open to participants of all levels, for maximum accessibility. The ultimate goal? Positive behavioural change!

Healthy Hybrid Habits for Leaders

High Energy Habits for Leaders

This 24-week programme enables leaders from your organisation to cultivate sustainable energy habits. Participants are motivated to learn through assignments and gamification, based on a holistic approach. Remember: a high level of energy ensures great performance, a positive team mindset, and a boost of motivation. A win-win for you and your team!

Globetrotter Challenge - globe

Globetrotter Challenge

This programme gets your employees moving, while building valuable connections with each other. They embark on a fictional journey around the world, by converting their daily physical activities into virtual routes. Because teamwork makes the dream work!

Gezonde levensstijl opbouwen

Boost My Lifestyle

This programme helps your employees create new habits over a six-week period to become their fittest self. Because Boost My Lifestyle is a fully digital programme, participants can follow it when and where they want. Just the right solution for employees who want to exercise more often. Tailored to their level and needs, of course! 

Hybride werken

Healthy Hybrid Habits

This programme addresses the many issues that arise from hybrid working. Your staff members will learn to create healthy habits as well as find a new routine - at home and in the office. This way, they'll get the support they need to transition safely and successfully to the New Way of Working.

Welzijnsprogramma - mindfulness technieken

A Mental Start To Run

This programme covers mental resilience and personal development through scientifically proven mindfulness techniques. After completing this programme, your staff members will have the tools they need to better manage life's daily challenges and cope with stress.

Welzijnsprogramma - Get energised

Get Energised!

This programme is all about improving physical wellbeing. Your staff members will learn how to develop and - more importantly - stick to healthy habits. In addition to getting enough exercise, physical health also covers healthy eating habits and getting good night's sleep.

Welzijnsprogramma - verbindende communicatie

Time To Walk Your Talk

This programme tackles social wellbeing by focusing on non-violent and connecting communication. By applying connecting communication techniques, your staff members will learn how to build lasting relationships with their colleagues, managers and customers.

nos expertises en bien-être au travail

Employee Assistance Programme

Via the EAP, we offer people-oriented individual coaching sessions. Think of it as a personal helpline. A place your staff members can turn to when they need a qualified expert for personal advice. The focus is on a healthy mind in a healthy body in a job where they can make the most of their talents.

Want to define your corporate wellbeing approach together?