You're a member of senior management

You shape the vision and organisational values that are the basis of your company culture. In an environment where every employee is engaged in wellbeing and encouraged to succeed. Because you understand that your people are your greatest asset.

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Do the challenges below sound familiar to you?


Link wellbeing to performance

How do you leverage employee satisfaction to boost productivity and maximise potential? We create the link between wellbeing and performance. Because when people feel good, they do good work.


Increase your appeal as employer

How do you use your culture as your currency for attracting, retaining and improving talent? With My Health Partner, you'll add a new dimension to your employer branding efforts!

Human culture

Live and breathe a culture of people-centricity

How do you raise your profile as a people-centric organisation? You first and foremost need a vision that conveys your commitment to putting people first.


Measure your true ROI

How do you know if the wellbeing policy on offer is actually working? With our dashboards and analytics, of course. We give you the hard facts and take the guesswork out of wellbeing.

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Your one-stop shop for workplace wellbeing

Consistency is key. We help get everyone onboard, wherever they are along the chain of command. So that you'll reap the rewards of increased participation, stronger engagement, higher productivity and happier employees.


The cost of absenteeism

For a company of 100 Full Time Equivalents with an average annual salary of €50,000, the cost of absent employees - taking indirect loss of productivity into account - amounts to over €689,000/year.*

*under the assumption of today's global average of a 7% absenteeism rate.

Make the most of Wellbeing as a Service at your organisation