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Support from your Wellbeing Manager every step of the way

Your personal Wellbeing Manager is the key to the success of Wellbeing as a Service (WaaS). S/he will help you craft your vision for the future and how to get there… and turn it into an action plan and a successful rollout. All you have to do is watch your employees’ engagement, loyalty and overall success soar.

Wellbeing Manager with HR Director

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Why a Wellbeing Manager?

The missing link between a robust strategy and tangible results
Wellbeing Manager

Single point of contact

Tap into Belgium's leading minds in wellbeing and behaviour change. As we work with the best and the brightest in Belgium’s wellbeing industry, your Wellbeing Manager will apply a multidisciplinary approach to workplace wellbeing. The result? A scientific and holistic approach that's tailored to your specific needs.

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100% focus on your employees

There's so much more to a wellbeing policy than isolated initiatives. While you're focusing on your employees, your Wellbeing Manager will be busy handling all the organisational and administrative details. From strategy to implementation to driving engagement across the organisation, your Wellbeing Manager will guide you every step of the way. That means planning workshops, but also carrying out surveys and measuring your ROI. 

Expertise in wellbeing at work

Proven expertise in workplace wellbeing

Health Partner has a proven track record in physical, mental and social wellbeing. With your Wellbeing Manager by your side, you'll get the benefit of best practices in the different dimensions. S/he'll give your employees the nudge they need to get the most out of tools such as My Health Partner. And with our reporting tools, you'll be able to measure activity and programme effectiveness.

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