My focus: enhance your mental capital

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Mental resilience is a valuable strength, and not only in this coronavirus world. It's something we all need in our daily life for greater productivity, higher energy levels and more overall happiness. Too much to ask? Nothing could be further from the truth! Now more than ever, you can reprogram your brain and build up your mental capital. And that is exactly what you will learn in the My focus masterclass.


The webinar in a nutshell

What are the main building blocks of mental resilience? How can you use them to better cope with the changes we’re all currently experiencing? This masterclass opens your eyes and helps you invest in your own mental resilience.

You'll find out exactly how your brain works, and learn proven, practical techniques to strengthen its capabilities. All to help you navigate the new normal in the best way possible! Get a sneak peek.


Why should you participate in this session?

Because you'll be able to take control of your brain to make the most of these and other challenging moments. After this session, you'll know more about:

  • the essential components of mental resilience
  • techniques to boost your concentration
  • how to build up mental resilience at work
  • how to influence your own state of mind
  • getting more energy and satisfaction from your work
  • creating structure in online meetings and in your remote work

You are also given a 48-hour challenge to try out some of our tips and tricks for yourself. Both at home and at work. Because our personal and business lives are more inextricably linked than ever.