My body: a healthy lifestyle, even when working from home

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Working from home certainly has its challenges. Concentration is one thing, but a healthy diet and enough exercise is another. In this My body masterclass, you'll find out what you can do to foster a healthy lifestyle.  


The webinar in a nutshell

Living a balanced life is crucial in all circumstances, but we need to be especially creative in our approach when we are stuck at home all the time. From nutrition to exercise, it all comes down to creating good, healthy habits.

During the interactive My body masterclass, you'll learn techniques to create and maintain these habits. Get a sneak peek.


Why should you participate in this session?

Because it's never been more important to protect your body from infection. And it doesn't necessarily have to be complicated. During the webinar, you get tips about:

  • incorporating new habits in your daily routine, such as standing or walking while you're on the phone
  • making your work-from-home space more ergonomic, from the equipment you use to sit/stand options
  • tracking your movement during the day, such as by using the step counter feature on your smartphone
  • adopting healthy eating habits based on five principles
  • getting enough sleep, and how to make a big difference with small changes

The recommendations apply both at home and at work. Because now more than ever, our personal and business lives are inextricably linked.