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Wellbeing Lab


We start with an audit of the current situation based on existing data. Through intake meetings with stakeholders, we collect relevant data to gain insight into the level of wellbeing and identify associated psychosocial risks factors. This phase usually involves the analysis of the psychosocial wellbeing My WellRi and focus groups as well in order to get the most comprehensive picture possible.

Wellbeing Lab Day

Outside the walls of your company, we work with you and your stakeholders to further shape your wellbeing vision and strategy. Based on our analysis, we provide you with a clear insight into the current level of wellbeing and the needs of your employees. Inspired by innovative ideas from home and abroad, we then guide you in the elaboration of a concrete action plan.


As a final step, we draw up a report with a detailed vision of wellbeing and a proposal for an action plan. This report includes important eye-openers from the Wellbeing Lab, a clear overview of the priorities and the presentation of an action plan.

This approach ensures that you meet your legal obligations with regard to the wellbeing of employees (law 28/02/2014 supplementing the law of 04/08/1996 on the wellbeing of employees in the performance of their work as regards the prevention of psychosocial risks at work).


Testimonial Tiense Suiker

We reflected on our vision in a structured way, taking a bottom-up approach. The resulting action plan led us to implement a more coordinated wellbeing policy.

Eric Stiers, HR Director Raffinerie Tirlemontoise
Focus groups

Focus groups

How do your employees feel about the wellbeing initiatives currently put in place? What do THEY consider as priorities? Focus groups are qualitative group interviews with a representative selection of your employees to map out the current needs and formulate pragmatic proposals. This approach can also be used in addition to a quantitative survey (My WellRi) to clarify some of the results.

  • Bottom-up
  • Neutral
  • Perception from ‘the field’ captured in an objective manner
  • Presentation of the anonymised results in a consolidated presentation to the management


Quantitative psychosocial analysis

My WellRi

Do you want to collect the feedback of your employees in one go and get an overview of the level of wellbeing within your organisation? My WellRi is a scientifically-based and quantitative analysis with which you can map out the personal and professional wellbeing. This can be the basis to further shape your wellbeing policy, possibly also by means of a Wellbeing Lab

  • Risks analysis based on scientific grounds: developed in collaboration with The Vigor Unit, spin-off from Ghent University
  • Compliant with the legal requirements for psychosocial risk assessment
  • Get a better view on what drives and what drains energy from your employees
  • Some topics tackled: resilience capacity, self-confidence, job satisfaction, organisational engagement, quality of relationship with managers and colleagues, …
  • Communication towards employees before, during and after the survey included.
  • Consolidated and anonymised reports on team-, department- and company levels
  • Possibility of distribution of individual reports and guidance for your employees 


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