Self-assessment tests and e-learning modules

Via our scientifically-based self-assessment tests, your staff members can complete a short questionnaire to evaluate their own level of wellbeing. Based on the results, e-learning modules will be offered to help them work on their identified areas for improvement... and have fun at the same time.

Screenings & e-learnings
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Stepped care approach

Self-assessment tests are one of the building blocks of our stepped care approach: based on their results, staff members will get an individually-tailored trajectory with modules that address their specific needs. For example, individual counselling will be far more effective than group sessions or online workshops for a staff member at risk for burnout. As your investment in wellbeing is based on scientifically-proven techniques and addresses your current needs, it's a far more cost-effective way to achieve your objectives.

Expertise in wellbeing at work

Facilitate healthy behaviour

  • Option to put the spotlight on these self-assessment tests and e-learning modules on a regular basis. 
  • Option to delve deeper into specific wellbeing dimensions via wellbeing programmes.
Dashboards and visualisation

Clear ROI thanks to dashboards

Anonymised, aggregated reports are made available to your organisation.

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