A Mental Start To Run

This programme covers mental resilience and personal development through scientifically-proven mindfulness techniques. After completing this course, your staff members will have the tools they need to better manage life's daily challenges and cope with stress.

They will get the support they need to transition safely and successfully to a New Way of Working. Because when people feel better, they perform better... both in the office and at home.

A video says more than a thousand words

mental wellbeing

What do staff members get out of it?

  • Your employees discover basic techniques for creating calm, stability and relaxation. They learn exactly how their thoughts and emotions work, resulting in less stress and better quality of life and sleep.
  • They learn to communicate more effectively thanks to concepts from connecting communication.
mental resilience

Regularity is key

Employees keep track of their daily exercises to monitor their own evolution.

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In practice

  • The content determines the form the programme takes: online or face-to-face, depending on your company's needs and preferences.
  • The workshops are conducted by experts in their field.
  • The Health Partner team will take care of all the details, from activation to rollout and communication. All so you can focus on what really matters: your staff members!

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