Healthy Hybrid Habits

Hybrid working: the future of work is here

After a long period of near-exclusive remote work, many companies are now partially returning to the office – a model known as hybrid working, which is now expected to become the norm. Far from returning to 'business as usual', this is a complete reinvention of the way we work, striking the right balance between working at the office and from home, along with all the implications that go with it. A major challenge over the coming months, to say the least!

For businesses, this means setting and applying a clear and consistent HR policy on hybrid working. And as for employees, new habits must be adopted to get them up to speed with the new normal.


Get your employees ready for hybrid working with Healthy Hybrid Habits

While the concept of hybrid working is nothing new, the best way to set it up at a company and support staff members in the process is still unclear for many.

That's why we have developed Healthy Hybrid Habits, a series of five workshops designed to support you in your transition to hybrid working, so your staff members get the most out of their work, in the office and at home.

Give your employees the support they need to switch to hybrid working, with this course that covers all dimensions of their wellbeing!

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Why take the Healthy Hybrid Habits course?

  • Your staff members will feel supported in their transition to this new way of working. They will be happier and more productive in their work, both at home and in the office.
  • The workshops are delivered by experts in their field.
  • Flexibility: the entire programme can be followed online or in-person, whichever best suits your business needs.
  • The AG Health Partner will team take care of all the details, from activation to implementation (for virtual workshops) to communication and more, freeing up the time you need to focus on what matters most: your staff members


Programme overview

Healthy Hybrid Habits is a series of five workshops that can be followed in-person or online. Each workshop covers a different aspect of hybrid working:

Workshop 1 : Step into the hybrid adventure

Let's start from the beginning: what is hybrid working? How does it affect our productivity? And what's the best way to collaborate with others?

Workshop 2 : Stay true to yourself

How do you make the most of working from home, without sacrificing yourself and your relationships with others. There's no doubt about it: authenticity is the key! 

Workshop 3: Improve your focus

When we work from home, we think we can just copy-paste our office life to our home life. But it's not that simple. This workshop looks at how our brain operates and provides a range of tools to boost concentration, self-discipline and productivity when working from home.

Workshop 4 : Choose growth and boost your reality

A crisis can actually be a catalyst for positive transformation, as long as we have the right mindset. How do you create habits that support this positive dynamic? This workshop focuses on developing habits that align with our long-term priorities and goals.

Workshop 5: Create your own healthy routine

How do we create a healthy routine for hybrid working? Regular exercise, healthy eating habits and enough time for relaxation have the potential to develop into healthy habits, both at work and at home.


To go further

Do you want to know more about hybrid working and the reasons why it should be part of your HR policy? This article should interest you.


Is your company eligible the financial incentive employment-services ?

With the employability voucher scheme (werkbaarheidscheques), you can benefit from a financial incentive to invest in initiatives that boost employee wellbeing. Through this scheme, the Flemish Government will subsidise up to 60% of your project (including hybrid working initiatives), capped at a maximum of €10,000. An important prerequisite is that the services have to be delivered by a licensed registered service provider such as AG Health Partner! You'll find our name on the list of independent service providers by entering "AG Servicing" in the search bar here.

To verify if your company is eligible, visit this page (in Dutch only).

De deadline for your application is 31 december 2021. And now that the post-coronavirus era is approaching fast, it's worth getting started on your hybrid working policy right away!