Globetrotter Challenge

The Globetrotter Challenge helps strengthen group cohesion in your company, while promoting the physical wellbeing of your employees. From Antwerp to Paris? Or Brussels to Timbuktu? Regardless of the destination, your team takes a virtual journey around the world in 30 days. Each physical activity moves them one step closer to their final destination. Will your employees become the ultimate globetrotters? 

Globetrotter Challenge - globe
Globetrotter Challenge

Accessible for everyone

  • The emphasis is on connection and exercise for everyone as well as a low threshold
  • Some people simply do not like to walk. That is why employees can register pretty much any activity they want, which we convert into steps for them. Cycling, swimming, dancing, gardening, shopping... You name it. Every physical activity counts!
Globetrotter Challenge - vidéos

Maximum support 

  • Employees can easily link wearables to the platform. Registering a physical effort is easier than ever!
  • Each week an exclusive video is unlocked in which our coaches train together with your employees.
  • Gamification elements, a leaderboard and a chat functionality are included for a completely interactive challenge!
  • AG Health Partner takes care of activation and communication.
Globetrotter Map

Looking for a challenge completely tailored to your company?

Add personalised stops so participants travel to your company sites and unlock wellbeing tips from their own colleagues!

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