Employee Assistance Programme

Via the EAP, we offer people-centric individual coaching sessions. Think of it as a personal helpline. The focus is on a healthy mind in a healthy body in a job where your staff members can make the most of their talents.

nos expertises en bien-être au travail
L'employé au centre de l'attention - employee centricity

For staff members

  • They receive support from experts for greater resilience and vitality.
  • Fast, easy and accessible.
  • Completely anonymous process. This way, they see the EAP as a truly safe place to share.
Employee assistance programme for employer

For the employer

  • You make it clear that you are a caring employer, a crucial differentiator nowadays.
  • You raise employees’ awareness and offer them a personalised approach.
  • Weekly check-ins and progress reports keep you plugged in to what's happening.
Employee assistance programme

In practice

Your employees have a place they can turn to when they need a qualified expert for personal advice.

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