Wellbeing Lab

Wellbeing as a Service starts with the development of your wellbeing vision. We guide you and your management team to shape your strategy and action plan.

Job Senior Corporate Wellbeing Consultant


Thorough analysis is the key to getting Wellbeing as a Service right. The first step for your Wellbeing Manager is to get a snapshot of your current situation by analysing your in-house data and interviewing key stakeholders. This will give us a realistic picture of the level of wellbeing at your organisation and identify the associated psychosocial risk factors.

Wellbeing lab day

Wellbeing Lab Day

In an off-site location, we'll work with you and your stakeholders to fine-tune your wellbeing vision and strategy. Based on our analysis, we'll give you a clear picture of the current level of wellbeing and the needs of your staff members. Inspired by innovative ideas in Belgium and further afield, we'll help you draw up an action plan that will achieve your objectives. The ultimate aim? A shared vision and commitment to wellbeing at the company.

Investir dans le bien-être de vos collaborateurs


As a final step, we'll draw up a report with a detailed vision for wellbeing and an action plan. This report will contain key insights from the Wellbeing Lab, a clear overview of the priorities and our proposed action plan. And this is where the magic of Wellbeing as a Service really happens!

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KMO-portefeuille werkbaarheidscheques

Take advantage of "werkbaarheidscheque" vouchers to turn your wellbeing vision into action

With the Flemish "werkbaarheidscheque" voucher scheme, you'll get financial aid to help you identify and improve wellbeing outcomes in the workplace. Through this scheme, the Flemish Government will subsidise up to 60% of your project, up to a maximum of €10,000. An important prerequisite is that the services have to be delivered by a licensed registered service provider such as Health Partner.