AG Health Partner in 1 minute

Our vision

We assist organisations in the empowerment of their employees and members to take on an active role in their wellbeing and thus have a long term impact on both their work & private lives.

Our mission

1. We assist organisations throughout the development and implementation of their wellbeing journey, from vision to implementation and communication;

2. We only work with recognized experts in every domain of wellbeing (mental, social & physical);

3. We provide an innovative employee experience with the right balance between physical (on-site) and digital tools.

Our promise

Our role

Your trusted partner

We accompany you along the whole wellbeing journey. Together, we develop a personalised action plan, identify the right wellbeing programmes and help your company roll them out.

Our approach

Holistic and personalised

Our programmes cover all aspects of wellbeing, from physical to mental and social activities as well as their interactions. At least as important is the realisation that the right balance is different for everyone.

Our foundations

Scientifically proven

We only work with carefully selected experts. We also constantly invest in research. This helps us achieve real impact on employee wellbeing and engagement.

Our tools


We combine the most innovative offline and online tools. The result? We engage your employees effectively and encourage them to (re)take control of their own wellbeing.

Let's meet!

Ellen De Vleeschouwer
Ellen De Vleeschouwer


General Manager

As founder of AG Health Partner, Ellen ensures that our team gives you maximum support. Despite her global vision, she finds it crucial to remain close to the field.

Arno - digital & operations manager
Arno Digital & Operations Manager


Digital & Operations Manager

Arno makes sure that our digital platform fully meets your expectations, as well as those of your employees.

Eva Deschans
Eva Deschans


Partnerships & Product Director

Thanks to her experience in the field, Eva supports you in the implementation of a global action plan. She also ensures that our programmes complement each other to meet your wishes completely.

Rémy Siddiqui
Rémy Siddiqui


Marketing & Communication Manager

Rémy advises and helps you with the communication related to the platform towards your employees. He also oversees its content so that it is always useful, varied and interesting.

Lynn Sahtoute
Lynn Sahtoute


Corporate Wellbeing Manager

Lynn guides you through the implementation of your entire wellbeing journey. She helps your company find a wellbeing approach that is the best fit for your employees.

Elisa Junior IT Manager
Elisa Junior IT Manager


Junior IT Manager

As a member of the platform development team, Elisa makes sure your employees enjoy a seamless experience from A to Z.

Notre équipe - Amélie
Notre équipe - Amélie pilate


Strategic Project Manager

Present since the beginning of AG Health Partner, Amélie facilitates the progress of our important projects while ensuring the good overall development of the company.

Employee - Tineke
Employee - Tineke 2


Corporate Wellbeing Manager

Particularly versed in evidence-based practices to arm organisations with agility and resilience, Tineke inspires and supports our clients in their approach to wellbeing.

Employee - Barbara
Employee - Barbara 2



Barbara makes sure everything runs smoothly within AG Health Partner, thus enabling us to provide you with a top-notch service at all times.

Employee - Séverine
Employee - Séverine 2


Corporate Wellbeing Manager

With a strong experience in strategy and change management, Séverine accompanies your organisation in the implementation of a workplace wellbeing strategy that meets the needs of each of your employees.

Christophe "normal"
Christophe hobby


Junior Corporate Wellbeing Manager

With his expertise in different health domains and his holistic vision on health, Christophe provides smooth support to set up the wellbeing policy of your organisation.

Aurelie "normal"
Aurelie "normal"


Product Manager & Strategic Customers

Thanks to her experience in strategic marketing, Aurélie makes sure our offer remains cutting-edge at all times to meet your wellbeing needs.

Eva "normal"
Eva "hobby"


Marketing Coordinator

Within the marketing team, Eva will help you set up your HR communication related to your wellbeing journey. Whether it's coordinating, writing or implementing a communication, Eva is there at every stage. Her motto? Yes we can".

Sylvie "normal"
Sylvie color


Sales Director Wellbeing Solutions

With many years of experience in coaching clients, Sylvie leads our team of Wellbeing Managers to ensure a wellbeing strategy with maximum impact for your business.

Marleen "normal"
Marleen Hobby


Corporate Wellbeing Manager

Marleen is your go-to person when it comes to developing a sustainable wellbeing strategy in your organisation. She assists you in setting up an approach that meets the needs of each employee.

Want to define your corporate wellbeing approach together?